10 Interesting Life Facts To Follow From Korean Drama – Bel Ami

Korean Drama Bel Ami’s – Interesting Life Facts To Follow

Hola people,  I’m back yet again to talk about something I learned from a Korean drama that I watched recently, Bel Ami; which meant pretty boy/man in Korean. This drama was actually based on same-named 17-volume manhwa (web-comic) by Chon Kye-young. The main casts of this drama were Jang Keun-suk (The Asian Prince), IU, Lee Jang-woo and Han Chae-young. Although the drama was pretty ok types for me, I did like what the drama was trying to convey! Something very interesting and important    that each of us should try to follow in our daily life! I would like to call it “Dus Ka Funda”, which also  means The Important 10 Facts!

10 Interesting Life Facts To Follow From Korean Drama - Bel Ami
  • MONEY : Money is actually a living thing! The way you treat money can make it grow and the vice versa. So treat it well!
  • CONTROL OTHER  MINDS: If you really wanna get through others opinion/to influence them, find what they really care/weakness/strength. So in short, to control people’s minds – press the button! ( this doesn’t mean you should try this for doing something which is not legally right )
  • PROTECT YOUR LOVE: Do whatever it takes to protect your love!
  • CONNECTIONS: Connections are people, and they get connected by their interest!  So when you are to build your circle or connections your basic knowledge about their likes and dislikes can help you a lot!
  • RIGHT TIMING: Do at the RIGHT TIME! Your spontaneous action/reaction to anything can backfire anytime. But acting at the right time in the right way is always a perfect move!
  • BACKING/ SUPPORT: Everybody have some backing, be it financially or morally a right support is always important. In short, never misuse the power of your surname because without that you’re sometime just nothing!
  • JUSTICE: For Justice, even the process needs to be just.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is wealth. Even the little piece of information you get can later be a master key to open a treasure chest!
  • SAYING SORRY: Say SORRY, though it is hard to say!
  • LOVE: Love makes a person smile. Do everything to make your loved ones smile!!

I think I already follow most of the things listed here as my life motto, but apart from the right timing thing, lol. And trust me, had to pay a lot for not acting right when needed!

If you’re looking for the OST of Bel Ami do checkout our Korean Drama OST page for a free MP3 download. I guess we had enough of drama talks for one day! See ya around.

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