Dramas Can Be Fun And Informative – Ever Wondered How?

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I don’t how many of you have this crazy addiction of watching dramas; but frankly, I would like to admit it that I have! I had the tendency of watching dramas in my mother tongue, which is Malayalam and other regional languages, such as Tamil, Hindi. Then I slowly shifted to foreign language dramas mostly English and Korean! I have heard many people say watching these dramas are really a waste of time. Why do you people watch these craps and all… But for me, they never were a waste of time. It was a medium for me to learn other language and their culture. But if you ask me whether I’m a pro now after watching them for so many years, I can proudly say that yes to a certain point my language skill is much improved.


Why Drama?

My inclination towards writing, the path which I chose as my future, were  built up on the interest that I have in learning new languages; which were basically developed from the dramas that I watched. By hearing all these don’t get any idea that I’m a successful person. Nooooo, I’m still a struggler like many of you, who now has got a feeble idea of what to do more in life, just for myself, to be me!

Should admit one thing, that after watching these international ones our dramas does not impress me at all! But yes, the time is changing, so as the audience needs and the creators are also trying to give their best for the audience.  They sure really have a long way to go to be on the top of the race!

There were so many people who used to insult me whenever I used to narrate a story from the drama that I watched or share the best drama from my collection to another equal or less equal drama interested person. At last I was successful enough to make them understand why I was crazy enough for that and making them also have a craze for these!

I hope with that crazy mind of mine, I would like to share the fanatical thoughts that I may come up with after watching new dramas and entertain you in a positive way!

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