Striking Turkish Television Series Facts

Let’s discus some interesting facts that you didn’t know about Turkish TV Series!

For the first time I watched a Turkish television series which is now a trending one. At first I was really reluctant to watch any Turkish series as I was not aware of their culture and their language. But surprisingly I found it so interesting and the Turkish drama that I choose to watch was so close to what we see and experience in our daily life!

After watching this Turkish television dramas I felt like watching another Hindi television serial. Even the characters resembled more of those Hindi TV actors. There were even few words that they used from our language. Maybe because it all have an Urdu background to begin with. Another factor that I noted here was each episode was of 2 hours!!! Trust me; that is too long for a drama! But the story backdrop and cinematography was too good to watch. You would really wish to be in such a place a after most of their emotional outdoor scenes.

Striking Turkish Television Series Facts!
Striking Turkish Television Series Facts!

Did you know?

  • High in popularity: Turkish TV series is currently the world’s second highest television series exporter after the United States.
  • Mode to boost tourism: TV series is one of their mode of tourism promotion. Like I told you before, you will really fall in love with the places you see in most of the shots. There were a few Turkish shows that were already dubbed and aired in India. Feriha, Little Lord were the popular ones that was aired in India.
  • Best dramas gets a longer run: Since there is a huge competition among other Turkish dramas 50% of the dramas don’t run more than 13 episodes and if they succeed giving more than that, then consider it as the survival of the fittest. Now I get why the drama I watched looked so elegant and was an eye treat.
  • No of episodes and duration: Each episodes are approximately of 2 hours – nearly 120 to 130 minutes to be precise. Its really like watching a movie that has sequels coming up every week. Maximum episode range of a Turkish drama is about 35 – 40 episodes per season. But if you’re lucky enough you will be blessed with another season too!

Well the series I’m watching now has reached its next season, that means I have more episodes to enjoy. Just like how I enjoy watching these dramas, I hope you enjoy the articles here!

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