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I have heard many people say watching dramas are really a waste of time. Why do you people watch these craps and all…But for me, they never were a waste of time. It was a medium for me to learn other language and their culture. Not just the language and culture, but if you observe them closely there any many little good things that you can watch and learn.

I’ve always been a total drama addict since childhood. Whenever I watch a show, irrespective of the language, I have had the tendency to cook up what probably can happen in their next scene/ episode. If I loved the drama leads, I probably would have ended up creating VM’s, fan arts, memes, or even fan fiction. The only difference between then and now is that it was just the Indian regional language (Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi) shows that I used to watch when I was a teen, but now I’ve upgraded to foreign language dramas mostly English, Korean, Chinese, Turkish, and Thai.

If you ask me whether I’m a pro after watching these dramas for so many years, I think I can proudly say yes, to a certain point my language skill improved. It also helped me improve my creative skills. That is why I came up with this website so that I can interact with other people, who are not just in love with dramas but also with the creative aspects that are associated with them.

This website is something which is live since 2018. The year which I had decided to take my fangirling to another level, which in short is just being more productive and useful to every person who comes across this site. Hope you love this website for good. Welcome on board dear drama lovers!

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