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After watching a drama or movie, how many of you have searched for the exact OST tune for days in internet? Admit it guys, we all have done that! For some its readily available and for some, we really have to hunt for hours for the right tune. I’m here to help you a little by adding a new segment in my website.

In this Drama MP3 OST For Download Section, you will get all your favorite OST from the dramas you like. Be it an English series, Korean drama, Chinese drama, Hindi Serials or any-other language drama that we cover here, you will have them listed on our Drama OST Download section. 

These drama songs/OST are in mp3 format and are free to download. Please do note that I do not own any of these songs and these are only for your personal use. If you have any specific choice of any OST tunes do write them in our comments section and we’ll try including them for you in our list too. Click onto the links below and start downloading your favorite drama ost tunes for free!


Humming around that tune from the recent Chinese drama that you’ve watched? But not sure about the song title. Don’t worry, just search those Chinese drama names here and download your favorite tune right away:

CDrama OST

Looking for that particular background scores / tunes from your favorite English series? Search them here:

English Series OST

Have a favorite itv serial, but you’re unable to find its title track anywhere? I’ve added some of my favorite title covers from Hindi serials here. Check them if they are your favorites too. 

Hindi Serial OST

Looking for your favorite Japanese Drama OST? Find them here!

JDrama OST

Addicted to Kdrama OSTs and KPOP now a days? No wonder you have reached here searching for that particular drama OST. Click on the link below, search for your favorite drama on the list and you will find your favorite ost under the drama name.

KDrama OST

Thai dramas are now a recent trend among teens and I think I don’t have to tell you why its trending 😉 Search for your favorite thai drama original sound track here:

Thai Drama OST

Are you a fan of Turkish series? Then we know the trouble you’ve went through to get that right song from the series you’re following currently. Let me tell you an easy way to download them, just search them right here:

Turkish Series OST

If you don’t find your desired drama ost on the list just notify it to us on our live chat/ write to us on the comment section and for more articles on dramas that you love visit our blog section!

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